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Thursday, 7 October


8:30     Check-in of participants


9:00     Welcome and opening addresses:

  • Patricia Geradts, Board member Trimbos Institute
  • Christine Goodair, Elisad Chair. National & International Programme Co-ordinator, International Centre for Drug Policy, St George's, University of London.
  • Greeting from Salis 


Session on the state of drug problem and strategy in The Netherlands 


9:30 Recent special developments in the Dutch drug policy

       Toine Ketelaars, Researcher Trimbos Institute 

The tolerated Dutch coffeeshops, where everybody can buy cannabis, stand out as unique in the world. In this lecture the developments in the Dutch cannabis policy will be outlined from the start in 1976 to recent attempts to curtail the production of cannabis by criminal organizations and attempts to exclude foreign drug tourists from the coffeeshops. Besides this, since 2003 medicinal cannabis is produced under the aegis of a governmental agency intended for special groups of patients. Developments in this policy will be presented. Another typical part of the Dutch drug policy is the medical  heroin prescription. The development of this special treatment will be outlined.

Slides en PDF format:  DutchDrugPolicy.pdf


10:00  Libraries under threat, an emergency plan 

 Mario Lap, Director Drugtext Foundation  

 The Drugtext project was started in 1995 in order to disseminate and produce information on substance use, harm reduction and drug policies by means of a digital library system. Our efforts have recently entered a new phase though caused by the fact that a number of the most important conventional European libraries in the field have become inaccessible and/or are under threat. An emergency plan was created to save the contents of these libraries as well as to digitalize a core set of documents, books and reports according to a priority list set out by a peer reviewing style of group. I will try and explain the steps that were already take and would greatly appreciate a discussion of the problems we are facing with the Elisad members.      


10:30   Coffee break  


11:00   Product presentation Ebsco

             Rene Dales, Regional Sales Manager Databases - Benelux 


11:30  A new online database of the OFDT (French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction) 

 Isabelle Michot, Documentalist OFDT  The new bibliographic database of the OFDT is online since July 30th, 2010. It is available from the homepage of OFDT's website www.ofdt.fr. This new tool, implemented with the open source software PMB, includes the OFDT's own database (with 11,000 references), the Toxibase database (36,000 references, managed until 2006 by the French network of documentation centres) and a unique collection of French law texts with full access to the legislative documents. The main topics covered by the documents described in this database are mostly ATOD effects, use and consequences, public health policies, drug markets, harm reduction, but also treatment and prevention.

        Slides en PDF format:  IsabelleMichot_OFDT.pdf


12:00   Lunch


Session on the economic situation in Europe


13.00  An overview on the economic situation in Europe  

         Jorunn Moen, Senior adviser, Norwegian Institute for Alcohol & Drug Research (Sirus)

A resumé of the news throughout the spring and summer 2010 from Aftenposten (www.aftenposten.no) to provide a background for the following session.


13:3Sailing rough waters: staying on course

         Serena Panero and Daniela Zardo, Gruppo Abele

After a brief description of the situation of the specialized centres/libraries on addiction in Italy, this paper will focus on the efforts that has been carried out by the Documentation and Research Centre of Gruppo Abele in order to tackle with the economic storm and maintain the service alive. Among these, the implementation of a regional network of specialized libraries, Information Literacy and Library Information courses aimed at University students, new projects in social research.

Slides en PDF format:  SailingRough waters.pdf


14:00 Coffee break     


14:30  Panel discussion on ATOD library/information services in Europe – Elisad members


15:00  Round table : What's going on/changing in our libraries?


16.00  Summing up of round table discussion          


16.30  Finish


Friday, 8 October


Session on libraries and the future


 9:00  Results from a user survey for the Sirus library

Jorunn Moen, Senior adviser, Norwegian Institute for Alcohol & Drug Research (Sirus)

The Sirus library is the Norwegian competence library for alcohol and drug research. During 2009, the library undertook a user survey. The setting up of the survey was presented at the Elisad annual meeting in 2009. The aim of the survey is to find out if the library services meet the demands and needs of the users - and if the library had potential users. Questback (www.questback) is being used to implement the survey electronically. The results of the survey were presented in a report in spring 2010. The presentation is based upon this report.


9:30   Social media in libraries

         Marianne van der Heijden, information specialist NIOO-KNAW

         See her presentation at: http://www.slideshare.net/mheyden/social-media-in-libraries


10:00   Coffee break


10.30  The 'Search Code'

            Henk van Ess, Journalist, trainer/consultant

            Don't ask questions but concentrate on the expected answer. This is the way to search the internet according           to Henk van Ess.

          His book 'The Google code' explodes myths about Google and we will show us new ways of finding the right           information using the internet.


11.00   Presentation of the PubMed interface

          Marc Wauters, Librarian VAD 

          Slides en PDF formatNewPubmedInterface.pdf


12:00   Lunch 


13:00   Elisad General Assembly 


15:00   Finish


20:00   Elisad dinner

             Restaurant Aal

          Oude Gracht aan de Werf 159



Saturday, 9 October 

10:00   Cultural programme 

           Guided walking tour through the center of Utrecht

           Starting point: VVV Utrecht

                                Domplein 9 

11.30   End of the walk

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