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Cultural activities

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A Utrecht tale of light
It’s an age-old tale, tried and true. Even the Romans knew that Utrecht was unique. And so, around 50 A.D., they made their camp at the present location of Domplein. Ever since, this city in the heart of the Netherlands has always been full of activity. Trajectum Lumen pays homage to the rich history of Utrecht, with an eye-catching light art trail, which is free for all to enjoy 365 nights a year.

Trajectum Lumen is an exploration after dark, which follows artistically lit locations throughout Utrecht’s historical city centre. When night falls, Trajectum Lumen leads from centrally located Vredenburg past a growing number of installations by (inter)nationally renowned light artists. Since its launch in the spring of 2010, an increasing amount of light artworks have emerged along the route. Together, they illuminate this city’s past and present in spectacular fashion.


See the website for more information:
















Eighty years after it was built, a visit to the Rietveld Schröder House remains a fascinating experience. It was designed by Gerrit Rietveld for Truus Schröder in 1924. As Rietveld’s client she had a great influence on the result. This house is the only building ever realized on the basis of the architectural principles of De Stijl. Typical features are the use of the Stijl colours red, blue and yellow, in combination with white, grey and black, the relation between interior and exterior and the unity between the free-standing pieces of furniture and the fitted parts of the interior.







As the oldest municipal museum of the Netherlands, the Centraal Museum demonstrates that for centuries Utrecht has been a breeding ground for artistic and cultural talent - both on a national and international scale. The Centraal Museum is home to the largest collection of Rietveld designs in the world, and also exhibits work by the world-famous artist Dick Bruna. Another collection definitely worth seeing is the old masters collection with pieces by Jan van Scorel, Abraham Bloemaert and Hendrick ter Brugghen. Besides works by these iconic figures from Utrecht, the Centraal Museum provides a historical overview of the past 2000 turbulent years, as well as focusing on contemporary collections of fashion, design and fine arts.   

For the most part, the museum is housed in a former medieval cloister. Other parts of the building used to serve as an orphanage, military stables and psychiatric hospital. The museum was renovated by architects Stéphane Beel, Lieven Achtergael and Peter Versseput in 1999. The museum consists of several buildings with a courtyard lying at their centre. 






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